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Yu Chengdong posted a post to celebrate the launch of the new M7 after breaking 100000.

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In May this year, Huawei and Cyrus ushered in the milestone of the fastest 100, 000 new energy vehicles off the line, creating a "boundary speed". On November 27, the new M7, which became famous in the first World War, ushered in a new milestone-it was set to exceed 100000 in two and a half months on the market, becoming Hongmeng Zhihang's best-selling models. Huawei Yu Chengdong personally sent Weibo congratulations!

Huawei is more "partial" to ask the new M7 to score on the basis of "rich content".

Hongmeng Zhixing is currently the most comprehensive, closest and in-depth mode of cooperation between Huawei and car companies, with the most advanced Huawei smart car innovation technology and the best intelligent experience. Qijie is different from Huawei's other cooperation, from product research and development, parts supply, product press conference, store exhibition, Dading channel, after-sales service and other one-stop services are all completed under the supervision of Huawei, which is naturally the most accessible to Huawei. You can see the richness of the new M7.

Huawei Yu Chengdong personally asked about the new M7 sales platform, witnessing Huawei's "preference"! With a new investment of 500 million yuan to upgrade and build, the new M7 locates 250,000-level luxury wisdom large-scale SUV, which integrates great wisdom, large space and super security. With a "occupancy rate" of 66.3%, it is more spacious than the BMW X5L and Mercedes-Benz GLE.

Relying on Huawei's strong empowerment, the new M7 is equipped with Hongmeng intelligent cockpit 3.0 and HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-level intelligent driving system, which has become the industry "ceiling" in terms of interactive experience and intelligent driving. Rich interior space with advanced intelligent cockpit, ask the new M7 how to use how comfortable. In addition to the well-known humanized intelligent car machine, the new M7 is equipped with HUAWEI MagLink ®magic suction vehicle interface, which can realize the linkage of multiple devices. In the car space, the front row is equipped with a 15.6inch 2K HDR intelligent central control screen, the rear row is loaded with two Huawei MatePad screens, and three "big color TVs" form a full-vehicle wisdom screen team. drivers can easily watch movies, play games, sing songs and even control the car together without grabbing any seats. With this "preference" of Huawei science and technology men, the new M7 has also realized the closed loop of Huawei's technology ecology, which can not only connect with mobile phones, glasses, headphones, audio, PC and other devices, but also automatically find connections as long as the equipment is close to the vehicle. Just imagine, the front foot with headphones has just got on the bus, and the tablet with rear feet in the car has been automatically connected to the headphones.

Not only that, the new M7, which is endorsed by Huawei, also breaks through the boundary of intelligent driving. With 27 perceptual hardware + upgraded GOD (General Obstacle Detection) network 2.0 + RCR (Road Cognition & Reasoning, road topology reasoning network) network 2.0three Musketeers, the new M7 is the first competitor to achieve "see things" and "see the way", so you can naturally identify more things and roads along the way. In addition to being able to import or export the viaduct in the morning and evening peak, intelligently identify straight traffic lights at the intersection, but also take the initiative to allow pedestrians to carry out more civilized intelligent driving. It is worth mentioning that the new M7 also features "Sentinel Mode", which can intelligently detect threats, sound alarms and record video synchronously. Compared with competitors, the video image of the new M7 Sentinel mode is not distorted. See more clearly and cover the head and face more comprehensively, and safeguard the interests of users at critical moments.

Huawei is convinced that security is only 0 and 1, so it is the first to put forward the advanced concept that physical security + intelligent security is the real security, and pour the results into the new M7. The new M7 has launched an omni-directional anti-collision system in the world, taking the lead in realizing forward, backward and lateral anti-collision and passive safety. The proportion of submarine-grade hot-formed steel, high-strength steel and aluminum alloy of the new M7 is comprehensively better than that of mainstream models of 500,000 luxury brands, which can withstand 17 tons of pressure per square centimeter, even if the roof of a heavy truck does not change color. Take the leading generation of active and passive design to create an all-dimensional safe car life for consumers.

According to official data, the new M7 received 100,000 orders in two and a half months, of which more than 60% of users chose the smart driving version, the urban NCA optional rate reached 75%, and the market marked the new M7 with the label of "smart car" in the form of data.

Deliver 50,000 vehicles by the end of the year to provide more options for the new M7 two-wheel drive version.

An order of 100,000 yuan is an honor as well as a responsibility. The new M7 is like the talented but hard-working "high achiever", who is "strict with self-interest" to make it possible for the market to believe that there is Huawei's boundary, and the capacity problem can be rest assured.

On the one hand, Huawei spends 1 billion yuan on new investment in the entire supply chain, recruiting more than 20, 000 people to increase production shifts, with a two-shift operating mechanism for 22 hours a day for continuous production; on the other hand, Huawei Yu Chengdong comes to the production plant to control quality. With a two-pronged approach, the production capacity of the new M7 has increased rapidly. At present, 27000 vehicles have been successfully delivered, the monthly delivery capacity will reach 23000 in December, and the monthly delivery capacity will reach 30000 from 2024.

In order to repay consumers' love and provide more choice for travel, the new M7 two-wheel drive version came into being. Among them, the official guide price of the new M7 MAX five-seat rear-drive driver version is 289800 yuan, and the official guide price of the six-seat rear-drive driver version of the new M7 MAX is 309800 yuan.

While Yu Chengdong celebrates the 100000 breaking of the new M7, he also firmly supports the brand through cooperation with Selis. As a real high-end player in the automobile industry, Huawei continues to empower. I believe that the new M7 will continue to lead the future travel direction and create a smart car life for more users!

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