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AI music creation, ink painting, 3D space reconstruction, 6DoF, Tencent multimedia laboratory leading technology unveiled at the digital trade fair

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Shulou( Report--

Digital trade, Shang Tong Global. Recently, the second Global Digital Trade Expo opened in Hangzhou, bringing new technologies, new products, new services and new scenes in the field of digital trade to the audience. This year, all kinds of large models have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, bringing new ideas to solve the industrial pain points. At the data Trade Fair, 50 large models of personal industrial intelligence around the world were unveiled, becoming one of the biggest bright spots.

A number of self-developed technology products from Tencent Multimedia Lab are also unveiled in the Frontier Trends Hall, leading the audience to experience cutting-edge technology products such as AI composition framework TXMusic, Tencent ink painting, point cloud 3D space reconstruction, 6DoF immersive video, and foresee future life in the progress of perceptual technology.

XMusic, the AI composition framework, was developed by Tencent Multimedia Lab and was named "the Treasure of the Town Pavilion" at the 2023 World artificial Intelligence Conference. XMusic supports video, pictures, text, tags, humming and other multimodal content as input prompts to generate high-quality music with controllable mood, musical style and rhythm, which greatly reduces the threshold of music creation.

In this exhibition, the XMusic team brought the latest interactive games to the audience. Want to experience AI music creation with zero threshold? Want to create your own customized image of musical instruments? You can choose as many as 12 classical and Western instruments. With a flick of your finger on the screen, you can use your favorite instruments to participate in AI music creation and create the same work with your partners at the same time. Online users can also instantly experience the fun of music creation by scanning the Mini Program code below.

"Tencent Ink painting" combines landscape painting, intelligent poetry, intelligent soundtrack and other self-research capabilities to form a complete solution of multimodal integration and interactive entertainment, which is developed by Tencent Multimedia Lab. It has landed at the Dubai World Expo and has been well received.

The point cloud 3D space reconstruction technology based on Tencent Multimedia Lab can quickly build digital twins in real space and immediately open immersive space roaming and VR navigation. The program has been successfully landed in culture, travel, exhibition and other industries. For example, the Chengdu World University Games, the laboratory VR guide program covers the main venues, the Universiade Village and other space, comprehensively enhance the participation and viewing experience.

Digital technology also continues to spill over to explore ways to promote the sustainable development of society. In the field of culture, based on the fast point cloud codec and rendering engine of Tencent Multimedia Lab, Oracle information model is compressed with high quality, storage and transmission costs are significantly reduced, six degrees of Freedom (6DoF) interaction in terminal devices, free magnification and rotation in full space, bring users immersive visual experience, and effectively promote Oracle research and experience.

For 4K maps, the rendering engine has an average rendering speed of > = 60fps, and supports 8K UHD mapping and PBR (physics-based rendering) rendering, fine restoration of real-world materials. Using Tencent Multimedia Lab's industry-leading Tencent266 codec that supports the latest generation of video compression standards can further reduce transmission bandwidth and improve picture quality at the same time.

These products are inseparable from the core technology of the laboratory. The new generation of international codec standards was officially released in July 20, which can reduce the data size by 50% while maintaining the subjective quality of video. Tencent Multimedia Lab is one of the main contributors to the development of this standard, and it is the world's leading in the number of technical proposals adopted. Laboratory experts also hold important positions in standards organizations, including co-editors of the new generation of international codec standards and co-chairs of reference software.

In the MSU World Video Encoder Competition FullHD competition, Tencent self-developed the latest generation of video encoder Tencent266 won the first of the 15 key indicators, the first total number of the first, and all the 15 indicators of VVC encoders first. In addition, Tencent266 also achieved the first total in the 10bit / 4K / subjective competition, proving that Tencent266 can bring better image quality to users with lower bandwidth in different application scenarios.

Tencent Cloud fully supported the new generation of international codec standard in July, 2001. this is the first time that the standard has been used on the cloud, filling in the gap of global cloud manufacturers in this field. Tencent266 launched Tencent Cloud LVB in early 23, and Tencent Cloud became the first cloud vendor in the industry to support VVC LVB.

Tencent Multimedia Lab has participated in the formulation of a number of international and national standards on behalf of Tencent, including H.266 / VVC, MPEG-5 EVC, MPEG PCC, MPEG Systems, IETF, 3GPP, national standard AVS2 & AVS3, Open Media Alliance (AOMedia) standard AV2, etc., and has made breakthroughs. 800 + technical proposals have been adopted by international national standards and 1000 + authorized patents. Dozens of laboratory experts served as co-chairmen of working groups / thematic groups, co-editors of standards, directors and other key positions. At the same time, the researchers in the laboratory published a lot of research results and got a large number of citations in CVPR, ECCV and other professional journals such as TCSVT and IEEE.

In recent years, Tencent has continued to invest heavily in the field of cutting-edge science and technology, laying out the digital technology led by the next generation of Internet, and taking social value as the traction, so that science and technology can take root in the land of social value.

"Tencent Multimedia Lab will continue to promote the development of international and national standards in multimedia and related fields, and create a matrix of core competencies for audio and video, interactive immersion and intelligent media. Serve global users through business platforms such as Tencent Cloud, Tencent Video and Tencent Games, and help various industries develop and implement Tech for Good." Said Dr. Liu Shan, vice president of Tencent Cloud, head of Tencent Multimedia Lab and outstanding scientist of Tencent.

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