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The real GT5 Pro phone is shipped with realme UI 5.0 for 4 years of system maintenance and 3 major Android version upgrades.

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Shulou( Report-- December 3, realme GT5 Pro warmed up again and announced that it will ship with realme UI 5.0, which is deeply customized based on Android 14 and provides 4 years of system maintenance and 3 major Android version upgrades. previously reported that realme UI 5.0 has announced a fresh version of the upgrade plan, with as many as 18 models ranging from September 2023 to March 2024.

Some models have launched the public beta version of realme UI 5.0. the updated content includes new fluid cloud interaction, realme UI ubiquitous service smart car space, transit station, content extraction, smart matting, privacy watermarking and other functions.

Summary of realme true self GT5 Pro prefetch information:

True self GT5 Pro provides red rock and starry night color matching, the first super hard aluminum metal middle frame, the lens module part adopts gear design, and has the side of "floating glass craft". The back cover of "Red Rock" is made of plain leather, while the back cover of "Starry Night" is made of AG glass.

True self GT5 Pro supports full brightness eye protection, low brightness 2160Hz high frequency PWM dimming, high brightness DC dimming, Rhine Global Eye Protection 3.0 certification, manual highest brightness 1000nit, global highest brightness 1600nit.

The new machine is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor + LPDDR5X storage + UFS4.0 storage, with 3VC iceberg heat dissipation system. All memory versions come standard with USB 3.2 and provide 1TB+USB 3.2 specifications.

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