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Tencent will shut down MOO Music and officially stop its service on December 31.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clues of crucian carp snow fox to deliver!, December 3, MOO Music, a subsidiary of Tencent Music Group, announced that MOO Music will officially cease service on December 31, 2023.

According to the announcement, services such as new account registration, MOO coin recharging and paid purchase will be stopped on December 15, and account asset processing will be enabled; on December 20, all song auditions, downloads and other content consumption services will be stopped, leaving only account asset processing and migration services; on December 31, except for account asset processing and migration, all operations and services will be officially stopped, and the server will be shut down, when App will not be able to log in.

According to public data, MOO Music launched in November 2018 with the Slogan of "finding more good Music, Music is Free", which aims to provide young users who like niche and are willing to explore good music with the possibility of discovering more high-quality music. And there has been a view that MOO Music is a music product launched by Tencent Music for Yiyun Music. But unlike NetEase Yun Music, which focuses on the algorithm when recommending songs, the recommended playlist of MOO Music is screened by editors and pays more attention to operation.

The full text of the announcement attached to is as follows:

Dear MOO music users,

Due to the adjustment of business development, we are sorry to inform you that MOO Music will officially cease service on December 31, 2023.

Schedule: December 15, 2023: stop the registration of new accounts, recharge MOO coins and pay for purchases and other services; start account asset processing

December 20, 2023: stop all song auditions, downloads and other content consumption services, and retain only account asset processing and migration services

December 31, 2023: with the exception of account asset processing and migration, officially stop all operations and services, shut down the server, then App will not be able to log in.

Asset processing due to the suspension of service, your personal information, members' rights and interests, purchased paid assets, etc., can no longer be viewed and used. We will delete your personal information after the information expires in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

In order to protect your rights and interests and music experience, we will provide asset refund service. (view in App)

Finally, I would like to express my deepest apologies to you again and thank you for your support and trust in MOO Music.

This farewell may be reunited in another way.

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