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The first intelligent AI walkie-talkie was officially released, which aims to create a new form of operation.

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Shulou( Report--

In the favorable environment of continuous support of national macro policies, with the introduction of a series of encouraging and preferential policies, China's literature and tourism industry shows a vigorous development trend in 2023. At this critical moment of recovery and revitalization of the culture and travel industry, Hangzhou Meisu online Technology Co., Ltd. is honored to be invited to participate in the Fifth Mai Point Culture and Travel accommodation Festival to be held in Suzhou from November 28 to November 29, 2023. As the most influential event in the industry that brings together a large number of cultural and tourism brands and employees, the Meidian Culture and Tourism accommodation Festival gathers the output of boutique travel and accommodation exhibitions of more than 50 well-known cultural tourism industry chains at home and abroad. it has gathered 17 industry thematic discussions on hot issues in the cultural and tourism industry, such as investment and operation, innovative marketing, low-carbon cooperation, space design, preparation and management, human resources, etc., which can be called a grand meeting of the domestic hotel and tourism industry.

At this grand industry conference, Miyuki released the first domestic intelligent AI walkie-talkie with cross-era significance to the hotel industry. This walkie-talkie not only has the characteristics of high efficiency, intelligence and convenience, but also brings a new working relationship to the hotel industry through AI language interaction technology.

This intelligent AI walkie-talkie has completely changed the traditional manual operation in the business process of the hotel industry, making it more convenient for service staff to complete various homework reporting links through voice interaction. In practical application, the service staff only need to express their own needs, and the intelligent AI walkie-talkie can quickly understand and respond accordingly, which greatly improves the work efficiency and the ability to work together.

In the hotel scene, the application of intelligent AI walkie-talkie is very extensive. Through the application of intelligent AI walkie-talkie, the front-line service staff of the hotel can get rid of the tedious manual operation and provide services to guests more efficiently. At the same time, the internal collaborative work has also become more smooth, and the communication between departments is more convenient and efficient. This brand-new work collaboration is designed to make "talking and working, liberating your hands" a reality.

With the rapid development of AI technology, the integration of industry and AI has become an irreversible trend. Maisu, as an AI scene service provider focusing on the hotel industry, will further expand and extend its service breadth, service depth and underlying capabilities. In terms of service breadth, Meishu integrates business flow, information flow, approval flow and other streams to achieve more extensive coverage by building an one-stop software and hardware solution for upstream and downstream connectivity in the hotel industry. In terms of service depth, Meishu effectively integrates intelligent systems and operation management tools on the way to improve service quality and efficiency and fully meet customer needs. In terms of the underlying capabilities, Meishu continues to refine the business capabilities of its algorithm platform on the way, strengthen the in-depth understanding of the hotel industry, and integrate a variety of core bottom competence resources to ensure that it provides more efficient and professional digital services for the hotel industry.

Maisu's AI work assistant will further integrate the functions of generative AI to provide efficient, accurate, personalized and optimized responses and suggestions according to users' needs and questions. This will help to improve the user's service experience.

Through the digital service capability of Meishu on the way, the hotel industry can more efficiently achieve digital transformation in business development, operation management, customer service and so on. At the same time, Meiju's AI work assistant can also provide more efficient, intelligent and professional digital services for the hotel industry, helping the hotel industry better cope with market competition and changes in customer demand.

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