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The formulation of AVS4 video coding standard has been initiated in China.

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Shulou( Report--, December 4, according to the official news of Shenzhen, the National Ultra HD Video Innovation Center, on November 29, 2023, the "ICTC 2023-Ultra HD Standards International Cooperation Forum" was successfully held in Hangzhou.

Sheng Zhifan, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the Technical Committee of the China Federation of Radio and Television Social organizations, said in his opening speech that through the joint efforts of all parties, China's AVS3 coding standard has become the recommended standard for the next generation of DVB video coding, promoting the internationalization of China's UHD standards. DVB-I standard is for radio and television operators, supporting the integration of various traditional radio and television transmission modes such as cable television network, terrestrial wireless, live satellite and Internet transmission mode, which has become one of the most important standard evolution directions of DVB.

Liang Xiaoming, Deputy Secretary-General of AVS Industry Alliance, said in his speech that AVS3 standards had been widely used and successfully landed in large-scale live broadcast events such as the 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the 2022 Qatar World Cup and this year's Asian Games. AVS series standards have also made some new achievements in international promotion and industrial cooperation, and AVS Industry Alliance will also explore more possibilities with DVB in standard promotion and industrial application. In the future, the AVS Industry Alliance will continue to join hands with all industry partners to jointly develop and apply AVS standards, and contribute to China's ultra-high definition video industry.

Since the establishment of AVS working group in June 2002, thousands of people have persevered and overcome difficulties for more than ten years, and the AVS of independent intellectual property rights in China came into being. AVS3 is the world's first video coding standard for 8K and 5G industrial applications. With advanced technology and clear patents, AVS3 is the most suitable video coding standard in 5G+8K. It was first broadcast on CCTV-8K channel in 2021. learned from the forum that all the guests witnessed the release of the DVB-I Chinese standard (draft) WD1.0 and SMT ITU-R BT 2074-2 standard. Among them, the first standard is the first part of DVB-I-Service Discovery and Program metadata, which is the Chinese version of the English DVB-I standard. At present, the WD1.0 version has been completed and is expected to be officially released into the AVS Alliance group standard after being jointly approved by AVS and DVB in March next year. The second SMT standard is the AVS intelligent streaming media transmission standard. The release of SMT ITU-R BT 2074-2 standard is a milestone that AVS SMT has been incorporated into the ITU-R standard.

Zheng Jianhua, head of AVS International, revealed that AVS has started the development of AVS4 standards, and called on AVS member units to continue to support the development of the next generation of AVS standards, and various manufacturers will work together to achieve common technical standards out to sea and promote global deployment.

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