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New assistant for the visually impaired: Microsoft Seeing AI app finally launched on Android platform

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 5, as early as July 2017, Microsoft launched the Seeing AI app for users of Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone. The app helps blind or visually impaired people by scanning objects using iPhone's camera, and the app can provide an audio description of the object. It can even scan faces, not only to identify specific people, but also to interpret that person's facial expressions to understand how they feel.

Although Microsoft has been updating the iOS version of its Seeing AI app for years, many Android smartphone users have been expecting the company to launch an Android version. Today, Microsoft officially announced that the Android version of the Seeing AI app can finally be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Microsoft said in a blog post that Android will also get the latest updates that have been added to the iOS Seeing AI app, including:

Richer photo description: in addition to providing a brief overview of the photo on the "scene" channel, you can now click "more Information", which will generate a rich description, including more details about the content in the image.

Talk to your file: after scanning the document, in addition to reading aloud, you can also talk to Seeing AI and ask questions, such as the item on the menu, the price of an item on the receipt, or summarize an article. notes that the current Android and iOS versions of Seeing AI applications support 18 different languages:

Czech language




Finnish language



Greek language





Norwegian Bokmaar







Microsoft plans to expand the number of supported languages for Seeing AI applications to 34 by 2024.

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