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Ningde era electric boat solution made its public debut, launching the industry's first cloud ecological platform.

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Shulou( Report-- news, December 5-8, 2023 China International Maritime Technology academic Conference and Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Ningde Times unveiled a variety of marine battery systems and marine power system solutions at the exhibition site, and released the industry's first new energy ship life cycle collaborative operation cloud platform, and Ningde era's first comprehensive zero-carbon recharging energy solution. This is the first exhibition in the Ningde era, and it is also the first public appearance of the electric boat solution in the Ningde era.

Ningde era independent research and development of new energy ship life cycle collaborative operation cloud platform, is the first cloud ecological platform in the electric shipping industry. Relying on the leading battery big data and AI decision-making platform of Ningde era, the platform not only includes the cloud-side-end collaborative safety early warning platform of marine power battery, but also realizes the intelligent recommendation and real-time processing of ship recharge. it has the advantages of one-stop service, numerical intelligence and high expansibility, and can meet the digital needs of all kinds of ship application scenarios.

Ningde era released the first comprehensive replenishment solution for zero-carbon recharging, which consists of three major products: box power supply, high-voltage high-power charging system and cloud platform. Under the ship-power separation mode, it can not only realize the standardization, sharing and intelligent application of box-type power supply, but also quickly replenish power for electric ships, solve mileage anxiety, greatly improve the utilization rate and operation efficiency of electric ships, and is more economical.

▲ Ningde Times released the first comprehensive replenishment solution for zero-carbon rechargeable power. According to the official account of "CATL Ningde Times", the company officially laid out the electrification of ships in 2017 and was the first power battery company to be approved and inspected by the latest testing guide of China Classification Society (CCS), "Pure Battery ship Inspection Guide". At present, more than 500 new energy ships equipped with Ningde era batteries have been put into application. Note: China International Maritime Exhibition, known as "APEC of the international maritime community", is one of the most influential maritime professional exhibitions in the world.

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