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Beth gallium nitride desktop quick charger: 240W power to unleash the potential of your equipment

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Shulou( Report--

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more devices in our lives need power support. In order to meet the demand of multi-device and efficient charging, Beth launched the brand-new Digital GaN gan digital power smart desktop fast charger 240W. This product of positioning desktop charging station not only brings 240W full blood function, but also won the Japan Excellence Award in 2023, which is also the embodiment of Beisi's practical and beautiful product concept.

Powerful performance, 240W efficient charging

Beth Digital GaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger adopts a new generation of gallium nitride technology, which makes the performance of the charger to a new height. With the powerful power of 240W and the design of multi-interface, you no longer have to worry about charging multiple devices. Laptops, tablets, mobile phones and Switch game consoles can be charged quickly in the shortest possible time.

Beth Digital GaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger adopts multi-interface design, including 3 Type-C interfaces, 1 USB-An interface and exclusive DC interface. The exclusive DC interface supports 240W power output, which makes Beth Digital GaN charger an ideal choice for game users. Set priority power Max through App. Output, to meet the charging needs of high-performance equipment, release stronger performance.

The original Beth BDIP digital intelligent power supply technology can monitor the charging status in real time and guard the charging safety. Through the new PD3.1 fast charging agreement, support two notebooks to quickly charge at the same time, let you say goodbye to the trouble of plugging in, one machine in hand, a pleasant experience.

Innovative design, desktop charging station

Beth Digital GaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Smart Desktop Quick Charger is 42mm x 114.9mm x 69.6mm in size and compact design, making it ideal for desktop charging stations. Through the upgrade of digital gallium nitride technology, the charger is smaller, but the performance is more powerful, the response speed is increased by 30%, the efficiency of the whole machine is increased by 3%, the energy conversion rate is up to 94%, the structure is stacked, and the volume is reduced by 40%. This makes the charger more portable and suitable for all kinds of scenarios.

In addition, Beth Digital GaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger five-way safe independent fast charger, compatible with PD3.1, PD3.0, PPS, QC3.0, SCP, AFC and other fast charging protocols to meet the fast charging needs of multi-equipment.

Temperature control cool techs, graphene heat dissipation, charging more at ease

Beth Digital GaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger uses Beth BCT intelligent temperature control technology, equipped with graphene heat dissipation cool techs, so that the temperature during the charging process can be effectively monitored and regulated, avoid overheating, and really make charging more at ease. The excellent thermal conductivity of graphene can improve the efficiency of the whole machine, greatly reduce the temperature of the equipment during charging, and completely solve the problem of charging overheating.

Digital Power Technology and AI algorithm, Intelligent Guardian charging

The combination of digital power technology and AI algorithm can accurately monitor the charging status and realize the accurate management and control of digital power technology. The Beth charger monitors the working status in real time through the data system to help users charge more safely. Beth Digital GaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger has passed the 3C mandatory certification specification to ensure that the products meet international standards in terms of safety. In addition, the products have multiple safety mechanisms such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, electrostatic protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, undervoltage protection, anti-interference protection and shell flame retardant protection.

APP control, charging at will, unique screen display, charging status is under control

Beth Digital GaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger connects Beth APP through Bluetooth to realize the convenient control of intelligent charging. Users can use App to open or close the charging port at any time, set timing charging tasks, and even remotely monitor the charging status. This intelligent control mode not only enhances the charging experience of users, but also brings greater convenience for charging life.

Beth Digital GaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power supply Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger's unique screen design makes the charging status clear at a glance. On the screen display, the user can monitor the current and voltage of each charging port and the charging percentage of the equipment in real time. This intuitive display allows users to know the charging status like the back of their hand and no longer have to guess whether the device is fully charged.

Beth Digital GaN Gallium Nitride Digital Power Intelligent Desktop Fast Charger 240W is not only a powerful charger, but also a combination of intelligent technology and humanized design. Choose Beisi to welcome a new era of intelligent, safe and efficient charging!

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