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Snapdragon X35 commercial terminals will be available next year, and Qualcomm will join hands with partners to boost the Internet of everything with 5G innovative technology.

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With the continuous evolution of 5G, a variety of 5G innovative technologies are being accelerated to be put into application, including RedCap, which is called "lightweight 5G". Some time ago, a number of OEM manufacturers and operators around the world chose Qualcomm Snapdragon X35 5G modems and RF systems to promote the deployment of 5G RedCap to create smaller and more cost-effective 5G terminals, which will be released in 2024.

RedCap is an innovative technology in 5G standard Rel-17, and Qualcomm has actively promoted the development of 5G RedCap technology. In order to efficiently support low complexity 5G terminals, the 5G NR broadband design can be simplified to 5G NR-Light, reducing the bandwidth to 20 MHz in the Sub-7 GHz band and 100 MHz in the millimeter wave band. At the same time, 5G NR-Light also supports features that reduce complexity, such as single-receive and half-duplex, as well as energy-saving technologies such as lower transmission power and enhanced energy-saving modes, which means that a large number of low-complexity products of the Internet of things, such as industrial sensors, can also be connected to the 5G network and can continue to work for a longer period of time to support the realization of the 5G IoE vision.

At the same time, Qualcomm is also actively applying the innovative technology of 5G standard to its products and solutions to prepare for the landing of 5G innovative technology for commercial use. As early as February this year, Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon X35, the first RedCap modem in the world to be announced for commercial use and conforms to the Release 17 standard. In the following time, Chinese module manufacturers such as Mobile Communications and Mega Intelligence have also launched 5G RedCap modules with Snapdragon X35, which can be applied to industrial Internet, smart energy, smart wear, smart city and many other fields. The industry predicts that RedCap will see explosive growth in 2024, with more than 10 million connections, and more than 100 million connections are expected to be achieved in 2026.

As you can see, from Snapdragon X35 commercial terminals to 5G RedCap modules, these products come from partners, which is very similar to Qualcomm in other areas. For example, at this year's Expo, Qualcomm showed commercial products such as 5G smartphones, Smart Networked cars and VR headsets, all of which came from partners in various fields. This is because Qualcomm's business model is "invention-sharing-collaboration", that is, it promotes R & D and invention through a large amount of investment in the early stage, and then shares the achievements of innovation in the form of technology licensing and chips; finally, Qualcomm also cooperates deeply with terminal manufacturers, system manufacturers and other industrial partners to apply technology to specific products and jointly promote the large-scale commercial use of 5G and other innovative technologies.

In addition to 5G related technologies such as RedCap, Qualcomm has invested heavily in Wi-Fi, multimedia, artificial intelligence, software and security, radio frequency and antennas, cameras and images, power management, processors, etc., covering all aspects of mobile technology. In the field of multimedia, for example, Qualcomm is a leading contributor and developer of the new generation of video coding standard H.266 / VVC and previous H.265 / HEVC standard technologies that provide higher video quality and richer content with less bandwidth and storage space. Similarly, Qualcomm is also actively working with industry partners to promote the landing of video coding technology for commercial use. For example, at this year's ChinaJoy conference, Qualcomm and Tencent brought the world's first optimized demonstration of VVC mobile phones, which can play 4K 10bit 60fps UHD VVC content stably and smoothly in real time, giving users a better experience in the video era.

In short, from 5G technology providers to mobile phone manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, Internet of things module manufacturers, video content providers, etc., all parties in the industry are cooperating deeply in 5G, multimedia and other fields to jointly promote the landing and commercial use of many innovative technologies. While improving the consumer experience, it will contribute to the sustained and rapid economic and social development.

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