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Buick GL8 series models launch version 1.2 OTA this month: more features in visitor mode, audio and video App upgrade

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, Buick GL8 series: 2023 new GL8 Avia, 2023 new GL8 ES Lu Zun this month launched v1.2 version OTA upgrade, visitor account rights expansion, scene engine function upgrade.

OTA content attached to

Tourist model

In tourist mode, unlogged-in accounts can also enjoy some functions and content in a number of applications and scenarios, including audio and video, navigation and voice.

Optimization and upgrade of Audio and Video App

Split "listen as you wish" and "watch as you wish", some audio-visual and entertainment App are optimized and upgraded, the app store adds refresh buttons and optimized update reminders, Mini Program Plaza is upgraded to independent applications, and the application interface is more intuitive.

Scene engine upgrade

Add the like function of the recommendation page, and add card types such as novice guide and video recommendation.

The owner's kit "playability" is upgraded.

The interface and content of the owner's kit are further optimized, and the function of video playback node is added, and the playability is further upgraded.

Optimize the overall user experience

Voice setting experience optimization, only through the voice command to wake up the setting function.

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