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Ideal car: OTA 5.0ideal classmate introduces Mind GPT and supports the theory of freedom of command

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Shulou( Report-- December 10 news, at the ideal car intelligent software conference held tonight, ideal car introduced the various upgrades of OTA 5.0. it can be divided into three aspects: smart driving, smart space, and intelligent extended range. In terms of smart space, the ideal car said that the biggest change of the ideal classmate is the introduction of the ability of Mind GPT. Note: Mind GPT is an ideal fully self-developed multimodal cognitive model, which is still in the internal test version.

The ideal car builds the Mind GPT original pedestal model from 0 to 1. The model structure adopts the self-developed TaskFormer neural network architecture. Based on the car, entertainment, travel and other scenarios, we use SFT, RLHF and other technologies to carry out a series of training. Let Mind GPT have the three abilities of understanding, generation, knowledge memory and reasoning.

Based on the key scenarios of the ideal classmate, Mind GPT has tailored more than 1000 exclusive capabilities covering 111fields.

Ideal car claims:

Mind GPT is the only large model in the industry that can be used without any instructions, and it is also the only large model in the industry that is really built around on-board scenes.

It also has an ideal student with a fully evolved sense of hearing and execution, and supports free speaking of dialects, free speaking of instructions, concise mode and full-time, full-time car-free awakening ability.

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