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Authoritative selection | Wanli Database was selected as IDC "Best practices for distributed Relational Database applications in China" report

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Recently, IDC, a leading global IT market research and consulting company, officially released the report "IDC PeerScape: best practices for distributed Relational Database applications in China", which focuses on the excellent cases of distributed relational database applications in China. Among them, the case of a government-enterprise supporting core system of China Mobile, which was built with the help of Wanli database, was successfully selected into the report and became one of the best practitioners of distributed relational database applications in China.

(follow the official account "Wanli Database" and reply to "IDC report", get the report PDF for free)

IDC pointed out in the report that with the rapid development of Internet, Internet of things and big data technology, the amount of data has increased explosively, and the traditional stand-alone database has been unable to meet the needs of large-scale data processing. The product value of distributed relational database to get rid of hardware dependence and higher performance has gradually become a new choice to support the core trading system of enterprises. Distributed relational database greatly improves the performance limit and availability of database by expanding resources horizontally, but the large-scale server cluster also increases the difficulty of operation and maintenance of distributed relational database.

With the popularity of cloud computing technology, cloud infrastructure provides a more flexible expansion space for the development of distributed relational databases, meets the growing needs of enterprises for data processing capabilities, and simplifies the operation and maintenance management of large-scale clusters, so that distributed relational databases can be further developed.

▲ IDC PeerScape: application challenges and insights of distributed relational databases

In October 2021, a government-enterprise support core system of China Mobile launched the database upgrade and transformation work in an all-round way. as the core business support system of China Mobile, this system has a very important position for China Mobile. In March 2022, the Wanli database project team officially served the implementation of the project. after a year of intensive deployment, migration and cutoff work, the project was successfully launched in April 2023, helping China Mobile to internalize the capacity of domestic databases. accelerate the upgrading process of operator databases from centralized to distributed.

The core system of a government-enterprise support system of China Mobile involves more than 30,000 tables, with many kinds of databases, complex data structure and large amount of data. In the process of project upgrading, we are faced with many challenges, such as too long transformation cycle, difficult transformation and so on. Before the transformation, we need to sort out all the services, review all the code and SQL, involving hundreds of thousands of lines of code, and modify thousands of SQL for database migration, which is extremely difficult to transform.

Moreover, the database of the system is the core basic software of the IT system, which involves the whole network business, the cross-database splicing technology is complex, the data verification takes a long time, and the downtime window is long, especially the splicing of the core database has a great impact on the business. The migration of new and old databases also involves database table migration, data synchronization and other work. the subsequent data to be migrated is more than 200T, the maximum size of a single database is 70T, and the overall data migration workload is heavy. In parallel, the migration process requires close communication and cooperation with application integrators and database vendors, and the communication workload is heavy.

In view of these problems, China Mobile verified the operational performance of Wanli database to meet the requirements through detailed research and analysis, and chose the solution provided by Wanli database. The Wanli database solution adopts GreatDB distributed deployment, and the database synchronization between the master and standby clusters is carried out through the CDC module to achieve the high availability deployment of the two computer rooms.

The overall solution includes GreatDB distributed cluster and GreatDTS, a database peripheral tool developed by Wanli database, to complete the evaluation and migration of new and old databases, synchronization of CDC master and standby clusters and other functions. Among them, GreatDTS, as a data migration tool independently developed by the company, can realize one-stop data migration products such as application evaluation, compatibility evaluation and data migration. Through the online and offline analysis of the data AWR logs in the original database of the old system, the application is assisted in the analysis and transformation of SQL sentences, which improves the transformation efficiency and greatly reduces the application transformation cost.

▲ GreatDB Database Migration Architecture Diagram

Up to now, a government-enterprise supporting core system of China Mobile has completed the full relocation of core business data, withstood the severe test of TPS 112000 +, laid the foundation for later high-intensity business concurrency, continuously upgraded and issued 32 times in the process of migration, enhanced system security, improved availability and performance, and improved the maintainability and scalability of the system. It meets the database technology requirements of China Mobile for the new generation core business system.

Li Lingxiao, IDC China Software Market Research Manager, said that in recent years, the related technologies and products of distributed relational databases in China have developed rapidly in the global tide of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and have completed the transformation and upgrading of traditional centralized databases in many large-scale scenarios, so that the market can see the great potential of distributed relational databases in the game and balance between performance and cost.

In the process of delivery, end users need to assess the necessity according to their own business scenarios and needs to ensure that existing business pain points can be resolved. At the same time, to fully estimate the various costs of database transformation and the impact on the application layer, it is also necessary to consider the service capacity of manufacturers to ensure continuous technical support and training to ensure the stable operation of the database.

As one of the earliest manufacturers engaged in distributed database research in China, Wanli Database has been developing a new generation of distributed database since 2010, with the product concept of "extreme stability, extreme performance and ease of use". It has successively helped more than 1000 application scenarios of core business systems in key industries such as operators, energy, government and enterprises, education and other key industries to achieve database transformation and upgrading. Layout the domestic database market with the diversified business model of "product + service + customization".

In the next step, Wanli database will continue to polish database products and performance, and provide customers in various industries with the ability to upgrade and transform the database according to the standard requirements of "one-stop product, integrated management and round-the-clock service". Carry out technical and management innovation in the aspects of independent control, security and stability, compatibility and adaptation, convenience and easy to use, taking data as the production factor and centering on customer business scenarios Fully promote the deep integration of database technology and business applications, continue to precipitate more excellent industry practices, and inject a strong driving force for the digital transformation of various industries.

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