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Unified letter UOS enables seamless management of iOS and Android device data, adapting to Apple iTunes and vivo intercommunication applications

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Thank netizens Cainiao N for the clue delivery!, December 12 news, recently, the Deepin Wine team of Universe Software announced the successful migration of two applications for data synchronization between mobile and desktop, iTunes and vivo, to facilitate the efficient cooperation and interconnection between Uni-Credit UOS and other platforms.

Tongxin Software said that at present, there are official data synchronization applications and third-party mobile assistant software developed by some mobile phone manufacturers on the market, but they have not yet spread to the Linux application ecology. This time, the Deepin Wine team migrates two applications that are synchronized between the desktop and the mobile, enabling Tongxin UOS application ecology, and users can use Tongxin UOS to manage their iPhone or Android phones.

The goal of iTunesiTunes is to provide users with a comprehensive media management and playback platform, which can manage and play digital music and video, and synchronize and manage iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. This time Deepin Wine migrates most of the main functions of iTunes, such as music playback, management devices, synchronization and restore functions.

Through the Wine version of iTunes, users can manage music, video, Podcast and other streaming media content in iOS devices in Tongxin UOS, and can back up the data in iPhone and iPad to Unixin UOS, or synchronize data from Tongxin UOS to iOS devices.

Vivo is an efficient file transfer tool specially built by vivo for users, which can achieve zero-flow data sharing without any network connection.

Install mutual transmission on Android mobile phone and Tongxin UOS, open mutual transmission application together, and scan the QR code of mutual transmission application on Tongxin UOS with mobile phone to connect mobile phone and Tongxin UOS.

At the same time, the pictures, videos, music, documents and application data in the mobile phone can be managed through mutual transmission, and the files in UOS can also be sent to the mobile phone.

Data transmission through mutual transmission does not need to consume traffic, and does not need external WiFi, but also can set up groups for many-to-many mutual transfer of files, the fastest transmission speed is 6m / s.

In addition to sharing files and backup materials, we can also carry out multi-screen interaction through mutual transmission to share the mobile phone screen to the Tongxin UOS desktop to achieve cooperation and sharing among multiple devices.

2023 operating system Industry Conference and Tongxin UOS Ecological Conference is scheduled for December 20, which is expected to bring more ecological adaptation content of Tongxin UOS, and will follow up the follow-up news.

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