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New revelation of Sony PS5 Pro game console GPU: with 60 CU and 3840 stream processors

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 13, the source @ _ Tom_Henderson recently posted a post on the ResetERA forum, sharing the complete specification information of PS5 Pro (unspecified name) codenamed Trinity.

Kepler, a reliable source, tweeted that there were 64 CU in the SoC Viola used by Sony PS5 Pro, but 60 CU were actually enabled.

The report says that the PS5 Pro GPU has 3840 stream processors, the same number as the AMD X 7800 XT graphics card.

Kepler also said that Viola will not adopt AMD's AI architecture, XDNA2. previously reported that the SoC (Viola), which is based on TSMC N4P and belongs to GFX1115, maintains the Zen2 architecture to be compatible with the current PS5, but has a peak frequency of up to 4.4GHz. Each core has an L1 cache for 64KB, an L2 cache for 512KB, and a L3 shared cache for 8MB (with 4MB per CCX).

The GPU architecture used in this SoC is RDNA3, but it has improved ray tracing features in RDNA4, so BVH traversal will be handled by dedicated light tracing hardware without having to rely entirely on shaders. In addition, it will support instruction reordering (thread reordering) to reduce data and execution divergence, similar to Nvidia Ada Lovelace SER and Intel Arc's TSU.

Other aspects, its GPU target frequency is around 2.0GHz, and will have 3584 shaders, 224 TMU and 96 ROP, equipped with 16GB GDDR6 memory, up to 18 Gbps (256bit bus bit width, 576GB/s video memory bandwidth), which makes the GPU dual-threaded floating-point computing power up to 28.67 TFLOPs, that is, 224 (TMU) * 2 (dual-threaded computing) * 2 (GHz frequency), or 14.33 TFLOPs if the dual-threading factor is ignored.

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