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IOS / Android 8.80th major update: AI smart summary, search Plus, new look on the comments page.

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Shulou( Report-- iOS version / Android version 8.80is officially released!

Introduction when the overwhelming number of AI products hit, our perception has confirmed the prediction of the past: the fourth industrial revolution-the arrival of the intelligent era! It is believed that the next decade will be a great era that will be faster than the Internet tide more than 20 years ago, and will profoundly and dramatically change our human life and production. Automation, electrification, information, intelligence, every revolution in the past 254 years (since 1769) has left a large number of corpses of the eliminated and new faces representing more advanced productive forces. The back wave of the Yangtze River pushes the front wave, and the front wave dies on the beach.

Soft media began in 2019, the core direction of the product center is redefined as: [intelligent].

All for,All in,All by, is not important, intelligence is the fundamental theme. In my personal understanding, intelligence includes AI artificial intelligence and human subjective intelligence, we can not raise AI beyond human intelligence. In fact, AI is also a product of human intelligence. Compared with the soul and intelligence of human advanced life forms and even higher-order life forms, AI is more visible in terms of computing power and algorithms than human individuals.

Therefore, AI is an important part of intelligence, intelligence is all.

In the past four years, the "soft" gene of soft media has been committed to intelligence, which may not be reflected in and the front desk, and people's direct perception is to know a new editor named "small pump". At that time, when I named the pump, it belonged to "self-blackening". Because he is an AI robot editor and "automatically comes out of the water" in the environment of Qingdao Reservoir, he gave this "small pump" the name.

The articles signed "small pump" are all published automatically, it is becoming stronger and stronger, and the output is getting higher and higher.

But if there is such an intelligent product in a few years, it is obviously not the real response of our soft media "software high-yield gene". In fact, our content background is the biggest position of our main intelligence. For example, like today's smart cars, the small pump is "self-driving", but there is also the "intelligent content assistance system" of the "auxiliary driving" system, which has a huge workload every day, so it greatly helps editors to improve their work efficiency. So far, we have not heard of anyone who has such a system, but we will release more powerful intelligent capabilities in the future to reflect in the front desk, so that people can directly perceive it.

Intelligent, so that our work productivity is not only reflected in content production, our audit system is also extremely complex and smart, of course, no one likes to audit and be audited, but there is no way, we need to do platform responsibility, we also have to do a good job of intelligent auxiliary judgment under the realistic premise of manual double examination, we hope to do better and truly isolate illegal and offensive content. At this stage, we still have a lot of problems while striving to achieve the maximum degree of satisfaction while striving to achieve the maximum degree of satisfaction during the day.

Next, we will launch an important large-scale feature of intelligence, which will enter the public testing phase in the near future (starting internal testing this week). Intelligence will better help our various "decisions" to make people feel two things: smart and soft media yes.

Going back to the topic of today's article, we have released an important product version of CTOnews.comApp, 8.80Mew-

First of all, we introduced "look at the main points" at the top of the longer article (well, you can try this long article first), this is a long article intelligent summary function, is a newsletter platform, but some articles related to announcements, financial reports, evaluation, analysis and other aspects are not short, "see the main points" can help you save time, at least efficiently review the main points. AI intelligence in the intelligent era, here is a relatively good application scene, of course, we have seen a lot of new AI gadgets in the past two years, which is not a superpower, but it is still of great significance. We can output the results with higher standards and faster, at least better than the individual ability of internship editors. "look at the main points" only supports today's and future new articles.

The second major improvement is that we have enhanced the intelligence of search in basic services, that is, a search Plus version. You can experience new search on CTOnews.comApp and PC / mobile websites. At this stage, the enhancement is mainly to support search for some common topics and functions in CTOnews.comApp discovery channels. You can search CPU, GPU, CPU ladder, iOS, dxo, Wechat, Win10, Win11 download and so on. It's practical to maximize support for long-tailed word search habits, isn't it? Of course, this is only enhanced at this stage, and for search, we will also introduce new intelligent features, such as the new platform function I predicted above, which will also be integrated into search.

Third, everyone seems to like the new clothes and new theme. this time, we have made a lot of improvements to the comment area, but they are all details. Only by careful comparison can we find that, for example, the text size and some spacing of the small tail, is it necessary to promote the red name of the VIP account in 2024? I don't know, I really don't know. After thinking about it for many years, I always feel that there is enough reason to make the VIP membership system meaningful. Maybe I think too much. I have been doing free software for N years, and there is a grudge against charging. But you are particularly welcome to give suggestions on the VIP membership system. I can see all your suggestions on the platform. Remember to include @ Assassin in the comments.

Finally, the iOS version has also made a lot of improvements and corrections. Let's take a look at the update history below.

▲ look at the main points, one-click summary of the theme of the long article

▲ search for new Plus enhancements

▲ comments area to make improvements, need pixel eyes to identify changes, of course, each update must be "fix some known problems", please refer to the update history below [smile]. App 8.80Update Log Android Edition:

Added: function-intelligent summary of long articles to quickly grasp the main points of the article

Improvement: function-search intelligent evolution, all kinds of tools and resources are more accessible

Improvement: interface-comment area UI details adjustment, more beautiful and generous

IOS / iPadOS version:

Added: function-intelligent summary of long articles to quickly grasp the main points of the article

Improvement: function-search intelligent evolution, all kinds of tools and resources are more accessible

Improvement: interface-comment area UI details adjustment, more beautiful and generous

Improvement: function-reply support long press to pop up more menu pop-up windows

Fixed: function-comment area nickname click unable to jump

Fixed: function-search repeated clicks on hot words without logging in

Fixed: function-when not logged in, the search results list cannot be scrolled after the search login is successful

Fixed: feature-keyword search may flicker

Fixed a problem where the function-topic details sharing link could not jump to the corresponding interface

Fixed: function-Gold Coin Mall click on goods can not jump

Fixed: feature-third-party login binding may flicker, adding failure prompts

Fixed: feature-product library may not jump

Fixed: function-article details interface may be blank

Fixed: interface-Circle list recommended problems that may show anomalies

Fixed: interface-comment list, hot reviews loading more animation exceptions

Fixed: interface-article list release time and other information may not be fully displayed

Other indications that Huawei's Hongmeng vNext will be launched in 2024, soft media will continue to be "far ahead" in development, will launch Hongmeng native App.

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