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Jira will shut down the Server version soon, and the Flying Book project will become the first choice for migration.

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As the "originator" of project management tools, Jira once became the mainstream choice for domestic users, but Atlassian stopped selling the Server version of Jira (locally privatized deployment version) from February 2021, and indicated that it would completely stop maintaining and upgrading the Server version within three years. Now that the three-year deadline is approaching, most Jira users give up paying for data to "go to the cloud" for continued use, which also indicates that domestic project management tools will usher in a huge period of opportunity.

Jira's withdrawal from the Chinese market may have been traced

In view of the consistent demand for "efficiency" in different industries, Jira was warmly welcomed after entering the Chinese market at the beginning. Under the huge market potential of domestic enterprise-level service products vacancy, Jira naturally became a more trusted mature product. However, with the continuous improvement of domestic informatization degree, the demand of enterprises for project management software becomes more complex and deeper, and gradually develops towards diversification trend. Jira, a "foreign" product, can not better adapt to various business scenarios of domestic enterprises in the current era, does not conform to the operation habits of Chinese people, and is difficult to promote when used. The performance of Jira in Chinese market has been unsatisfactory.

Atlassian's suspension of Jira's local version is undoubtedly putting two options in front of domestic users in advance. Should we continue to adapt to Jira's model or seek other "ways out" instead?

If you want to continue using Jira, users can migrate their local deployment data to Cloud or Data Center, but Atlassian currently does not support cloud servers in China, and the price of overseas servers is rising.

Faced with such a situation, enterprises that used Jira decided to turn to domestic products one after another. Domestic project management tools represented by Flying Book Project stood out and became the project management tools that many users chose to migrate.

What kind of project management tools does the domestic market need?

The value of project management software is mainly reflected in providing a unified platform for enterprise operation, breaking the information island between members through task planning, allocation, tracking, etc.; at the same time, it also provides a channel for rapid information flow, making internal communication within the team smoother, thus improving coordination and management efficiency. However, in the domestic market, there are many project management scenarios in all walks of life. The requirements for processes, roles and collaborative functions are different under different scenarios. The number of members involved in complex projects is large and the roles are relatively complex. This requires high adaptability of project management products, clearer process management, and better support for customization in order to better meet the needs of enterprises.

However, Jira with western genes cannot accurately capture the needs of domestic users, and its ability in process visualization is not very prominent. Many plug-ins need to pay extra, and the synergy with PPT, EXCEL, WORD and other office software is relatively weak. Its proud "agile scene customization" is not well known in domestic enterprises, and even special jira administrators need to be hired, which is counterproductive for enterprises pursuing "cost reduction and efficiency enhancement."

In contrast, local project management tools can be said to be handy in understanding the needs of domestic users. In recent years, many local project management tools have developed rapidly, especially the flying book project behind the chatter.

In terms of basic capabilities, Feishu project supports abstract different project processes. Users can customize requirements, defects, versions, iterations, projects, risk modules, etc., so as to adapt to different types of project management requirements. It can not only meet the management needs of typical production and research projects, but also support project management models of other industries. It can meet different needs of project management in different industries. In terms of collaboration ecology, enterprises do not need to customize collaboration software separately, but can realize unimpeded communication directly by using flying book messages. Meanwhile, flying book projects also support cloud documents, multi-dimensional forms and other multi-person collaboration scenarios; in terms of services, flying book projects provide users with customized development solutions, pre-sales, mid-post service support and various project exchange opportunities, so as to help users adapt to processes faster and collaborate better.

Facts have also proved that the Feishu project is more in line with the preferences of domestic teams in terms of functions and practical operations. When Jira withdraws from the Chinese market, the Feishu project also provides a comprehensive and secure data migration solution for many Jira users. Compared to migrating local deployment data to the cloud and continuing to use Jira, the cost of using the flying book project is obviously lower and the security is higher, which is also an important reason why most Jira users choose to migrate the flying book project. With the continuous popularization of informatization today, the standardized process created by Flying Book Project provides reliable support for efficient operation of project management scenarios in all walks of life, and truly practices the product concept of creating "professional project management platform for complex scenarios" when it was initially established. It is believed that with the support of Flying Book Project, a project management tool, collaborative office will no longer be the resistance to project promotion.

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