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Acer won the Interface 2023 [good Brands] computer Industry Top Brand list

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Shulou( Report--

At the [Interface Financial Annual meeting] sponsored by Shanghai newspaper Group on December 20, the 2023 [good Brands] list was officially announced. With the brand value with core competitiveness, it was awarded the 2023 [good Brands 100] computer industry main brand list.

The interface [good Brand 100] selection activity invited 100 brand experts to finally select 100 good brands that "tell a good brand story, have core competitiveness, continue to innovate and face the world". Award awards to recognize multiple "good" brands in various industries, and through the recognition of good brands, to promote the community to actively participate in building a prosperous brand ecology.

Through mature product design and accurate grasp of consumer needs, a number of products have won double recognition from the market and word-of-mouth: extraordinary Go has won the love of young hipsters for its stylish design and comfortable experience, while the advanced cutting edge office book for new employees meets the needs of workers. The mysterious appearance and super performance of the Predator Rock Neo e-sports has brought the ultimate game experience for senior gamers.

In addition to product innovation, Acer's innovation in marketing is a key factor in being shortlisted for this good Brand Award. For the young hipster group, Acer has launched a unique joint product for the young hipster group, and Acer has created the value communication of the Youyue series "workplace hexagonal warrior" for the new workplace group. For the gamer group, Acer holds the Predator Global e-sports League, which provides players with a platform to show their talents. A series of novel and accurate marketing activities have narrowed the gap between Acer brand and users and gained countless favorable feelings.

This award is not only an affirmation of Acer's product innovation and brand building, but also a recognition of Acer's accurate grasp of consumer demand and attentive service. In the future, Acer will continue to uphold the same brand concept, continue to innovate and optimize products, polish more interesting and interesting marketing activities, and become a "good brand" in the eyes of more users.

About Acer:

Founded in 1976, Acer is one of the world's top technology companies. With the development of the industry and the change of lifestyle, Acer will open up opportunities in the consumer and commercial markets to build a new ecosystem and launch more integrated applications and products that combine hardware, software and services. Acer has always made it its mission to break down barriers between people and technology, with more than 7700 employees worldwide dedicated to R & D, design, marketing, sales, product services and solutions. You are welcome to visit Acer's official website for more information.

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