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Feishu Intelligent partner release: using AI service framework, enterprises can choose the underlying large model.

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Thanks netizen soft media new friend 2203184 clue delivery! November 22 news, in this afternoon held in the 2023 autumn flying book future unlimited conference, flying book intelligent partner officially released, limited time open 10000 places, users can make an appointment for trial. learned from the conference that "Flying Book Intelligent Partner" as an open AI service framework, enterprises can independently select suitable bottom large models according to business scenarios, and support business scenarios such as content summary, content creation, data analysis and system construction.

Feishu CEO Xie Xin said: "The best way to introduce a big model should be similar to incorporating a 'person' with wisdom and ability. This 'person' can not only complete multiple tasks, but also continuously enhance capabilities. Based on this thinking, we regard 'intelligent partner' as the concrete embodiment of AI in flying books, so that it can work with us like 'human'. "

He added: "With intelligent partners, Feishu is not only a working platform for people to work together, but also a platform for people to work together and AI to work together. "

By creating characters, users can customize their own names and avatars for Flying Book Smart Partners. After creation, users can talk with Flying Book intelligent partners through dialog boxes at any time, and put forward demands to them. They can be found in address books, Group chats, documents and search at any time.

Flying book intelligent partners can quickly obtain information through enterprise knowledge base and generate relevant content according to user questions or interactions. In the long-term work, flying book intelligent partner can also accompany the user's discussion, meeting, creation and other series of work behavior, gradually accumulate the user's work memory. In addition, Flying Book Smart Partners can also develop work plans and actively promote work to users.

In terms of specific functions, Flying Book Smart Partner can help users refine meeting points, summarize unread messages, analyze PDF and audio and video, etc. In creation, Flying Book Smart Partner can also automatically continue to write or generate documents, forms, emails, mind maps, questionnaires, etc.

In addition, Flying Book Smart Partner can also quickly generate daily and weekly newspapers. After obtaining the user permission, it can generate "daily work summary" according to the user's daily meetings, documents, chat records and other information, and actively send it to the user. This product can quickly create business systems based on flying book multidimensional tables with only simple prompt words.

Feishu also released the Feishu Intelligent Partner Creation Platform simultaneously, claiming that "even people without professional technical background can easily create intelligent partners through this product."

Feishu revealed that at present, Feishu intelligent partners have been co-created and tried out in Anke Innovation, Yuanqi Forest and other companies, and AI has been improved in sales, marketing and other work scenarios.

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