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JD Ehome, the first authorized store of 's own Apple in Shijiazhuang, officially opened on December 16.

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On December 16, 's offline self-operated Apple authorized store JD Ehome Shijiazhuang first store officially opened in Longhu Shijiazhuang Yuhuaxing Yuehui. On the opening day, the store was full of people, and more than a lot of consumers came to buy their favorite products to gain a satisfactory shopping experience. This is the second JD Ehome store in cooperation between and Longhu after the Longhu Jinan Beilutian Street project, which aims to bring better Apple products and services to more local users.

JD Ehome, a self-operated Apple authorized store off the Jingdong line, is the first time that the cooperation between and the Apple brand has expanded from online self-management to offline self-operation, and it is also the first time in recent years that the Apple brand has awarded the highest-level APR (Apple Premium Reseller, quality dealer) qualification in the domestic market to online retail channels. At present, JD Ehome has successively landed in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jinan and other first-and second-tier cities. Relying on 's omni-channel and multi-scene coverage ability, JD Ehome has brought more innovative vitality to the offline channel of the Apple brand, and has become a star store for local projects to attract passenger flow, shape reputation and win the trust of consumers.

As one of the earliest commercial real estate operators in China, Longhu continues to promote grid layout, covering 32 cities in five regions, and has opened and operated more than 80 shopping centers. Different from the core concept of "happy living your life" in Longhu Jinan North Huantian Street, Yuhuaxing Yuehui in Longhu Shijiazhuang takes the "Sky Garden" as the inspiration, the east-west double atrium as the core, and the B1-7F eight-story commercial space breaks through the boundary. extend the two aesthetic spaces of "Nice to meet Flower" and "Happy Huanyu", and set up a multi-landscape rest stage on one floor to bring more fun for consumers. At the same time, Yuhua Yuexing Yuehui in Longhu Shijiazhuang is close to the core traffic road of the second Ring Road, with double-line subway access, and two subways are planned, including 19 bus stops within one kilometer, covering 12 bus lines, and covering 500000 high-quality passenger groups. convenient transportation and crowd coverage have laid a solid foundation for wide opening and detonation. JD Ehome Shijiazhuang first store, as the first batch of merchants in the project, will be closely integrated with many formats and services of Yuhuazhuang Yuhua Yuehui in Longhu Shijiazhuang to provide consumers with rich products and services to achieve win-win growth.

Every year, after the release of star new products such as iPhone 15, many consumers will choose the first time to enter JD Ehome stores to experience and buy products to enjoy intimate supporting services. As an innovative project of deepening cooperation between and Apple, JD Ehome is not only an important part of 's overall Apple brand strategy, but also 's strategic project to deepen offline retail layout. In addition, APR stores represent the high level of brand certification from products, services to experience. Not only the partners who enter the APR store need to be carefully screened by the Apple brand, but also the location, size and design style of the store need to be approved by the brand. Located in the main atrium of Yuhua Xingyue Hui, JD Ehome Shijiazhuang Shoudian has officially passed the brand certification. All Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, are available in the store, which can bring one-stop consumption experience of Apple products to local consumers.

On December 16, the opening day of JD Ehome in Shijiazhuang, the scene was very popular, and many consumers entered the store to experience iPhone 15 series, MacBook and other new products. In order to bring more welfare to consumers, JD Ehome also launched a series of activities during its opening period, among which, iPhone 15 Pro limited time drop 400yuan, MacBook Air M1 limited time drop 1000 yuan, iPad 9 limited time drop 400yuan, Apple Watch S9 red model limited time drop 300yuan; also participate in 5888 yuan group 70000 exquisite beads coupons, 888 yuan group 10000 exquisite beads coupons, consumption in JD Ehome Shijiazhuang shop can use exquisite beads.

In the future, will join hands with Longhu Business to continue to land JD Ehome in more cities, so that more consumers can experience high-quality Apple products and intimate services offline. At the same time, will continue to work with Apple and other brands to carry out in-depth cooperation to create a multi-terminal, multi-scene one-stop purchase experience of online and offline integration.

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