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360 Zhi brain has passed the standard compliance test of the national big model, and is known as the first native security model in the country.

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Shulou( Report-- December 23, 360 Safety Technology Co., Ltd. announced today that the results of China's first official "large model standard compliance test" on December 22 have become one of the first batch of passed large model products.

According to reports, 360 Zhi brain is the country's first large model of native security, officials claim that it has a self-developed hundreds of billions of parameter scale, and its core competence ranks first in the domestic echelon. The large model pre-training exceeds trillions of tokens, with ten core competencies such as generation and creation, multi-round dialogue, logical reasoning and hundreds of subdivision functions, and can cover all scenarios of large model applications. The enterprise vertical large model based on 360 intelligence has been landed in nearly 20 industries, such as finance, health care, education and so on.

The 360 brain model boasts three innovative experiences:

First, 360 Smart brain introduces a stronger intelligent assistant to the Internet experience, which can summarize, translate and rewrite web pages with one click, combined with graphical efficiency tools.

Second, the large model digital man combined with the vertical knowledge base accumulated for many years can intelligently optimize the user input prompt and identify the user intention, and the result of AI question and answer is more professional and high quality.

Third, the questioning form of multi-round question and answer generation and guidance can break through the user knowledge boundary and stimulate the user creativity to the maximum extent.

Comprehensive previously reported that the brain model was fully integrated into the 360 family bucket in September and was officially open to the public. Earlier today, Aliyun and Tencent Cloud successively announced that they had passed the "Standard Compliance Test of the Big Model". The first batch of big models that have passed the official test are Ali Tongyi Qianwen, Tencent mixed Yuan Big Model, 360 Zhi Nao and Baidu Wenxin.

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