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AMD will announce more parameters of Zen4 + Zen4c hybrid architecture Auron processor

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Shulou( Report--, December 23, AMD recently released two mobile processors, R58540U and R38440U, confirming that the series of processors adopted a hybrid architecture of Zen4 + Zen4c, but AMD did not release information such as the basic frequency / acceleration frequency of the new Zen4c "small core".

According to Tom's Hardware, the processor parameters page of AMD's official website will be updated to show more parameters of Zen4c's "mini core".

According to previous reports of, R58540U is 2 Zen4 core + 4 Zen4c core, and R38440U is 1 Zen4 core + 3 Zen4c core. The core display of this series of mixed architecture processors is 4CU. In addition, it is reported that AMD will launch a R58500G desktop APU early next year, which is also expected to use the specification of 2 Zen4 + 4 Zen4c + 4CU.

Intel large and small core architecture processors have been launched for many generations, and the clear frequency information of large and small cores can be found on its website. The i7-14700K shown in the figure below has a large core frequency from 3.4GHz to 5.6GHz and a small nucleus frequency from 2.5GHz to 4.3GHz.

AMD's Zen4 and Zen4c hybrid architecture is different from Intel's large and small core architecture. The AMD Zen 4c architecture is an optimized version of the Zen 4 microarchitecture, making its debut in AMD EPYC 9704 Bergamo and EPYC 8004 Siena data center processors. Zen 4c retains the functions of Zen 4, including the same instruction set, IPC, cache structure, and so on. The core area of Zen 4 is 3.84mm square. By contrast, the core panel of the Zen 4c is only 2.48sq mm, a 35 per cent reduction.

According to the official AMD PPT,AMD Zen 4c and Zen 4 indicators are basically the same, the difference is that each core of Zen 4 has 4MB L3 cache, while Zen 4c is 2MB.

AMD data shows that Zen 4c has exactly the same IPC (performance at a given frequency) as Zen 4.

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